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Experience the Cloud, Deliver Software Faster & Leverage the Power of Data

Get help to remove barriers in efficient software delivery, design and implement a reliable
cloud computing infrastructure and transform data into actionable insights.

DevOps Consulting

Our DevOps philosophy emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration, and automation. Our practice unites software development, quality assurance, and IT operations in a feedback-centric development pipeline. We use lean and agile principles across the software development life cycle to deliver the highest quality products and automate workflows through rapid and incremental iterations. We will work with you to set specific, quantifiable goals at the beginning of the project and then follow up through the entire development.  

Cloud Computing Consulting

Our cloud consultants will work closely with you to leverage cloud technology benefits like facilitating responsiveness, scalability, innovation, and agility. This enables you to optimize costs and drive transformation. We understand and analyze your existing infrastructure and provide a comprehensive view of the architectural roadmap, cloud strategy, integration challenges, cost-effective options, and cloud security. This will help you streamline processes, reduce data risk, scale up or down, and improve operational efficiencies. Our consultants have expertise in various cloud platforms, including Windows Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Service (AWS), and Rackspace.

Business intelligence consulting

We guide you in building an effective BI roadmap, powerful architecture, and scalable data warehouse to reduce your dependency on your IT department. We will help you with BI assessments, implementation, improvement, and migration strategy, design a cloud, on-premises, or hybrid solution, plan processes and procedures, develop user adoption strategies, deliver proof of concept, and much more. 


Healthcare analytics is all about analyzing current and historical healthcare data to predict trends, improve outreach, patient care, and operational efficiency, develop personalized and integrated communication, proactively maintain equipment and even better manage the spread of diseases. With the power of data, the possibilities become endless. Our healthcare analytics experts can help healthcare managers combine business intelligence suites and data visualization tools with healthcare analytics to access real-time information that can support decisions with actionable insights. This helps them to operate better and create positive patient experiences.

Business intelligence as a service

Instead of investing in a massive data warehouse and spending resources on extraction, organization, and upkeep of your data, you can hire our end-to-end business intelligence as a service solution that allows you to swiftly and easily turn your data into actionable insights and minimize your involvement in the entire process. 

Business intelligence support

Our team of experts ensures that your BI system stays up to date and caters to your changing business needs with time. We provide a range of support and maintenance services from critical reporting cycle on-call services to dedicated end-to-end onsite support.

Business intelligence staff augmentation

Hiring, training, and retaining experienced and skilled BI talent is a challenging task. Delays and lack of quality may impact your plans, resources, project delivery times, and processes. To help you find the right BI professionals, we call upon our extensive experience and exclusive network.

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